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Deposit methods

Deposits & Withdrawals

Grinta-Invest enables clients to open accounts and deposit funds in United States Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR). Payments made in a different currency will be automatically converted to the above-stated currencies, in which case your bank or eWallet may charge you a conversion fee, which is beyond our control.

Depending on your country of residence and selected account currency, you can use the following methods to deposit and withdraw funds:


Grinta-Invest does not charge you any transfer fees for deposit or withdrawal funds, but intermediary banks or eWallets may do so, which is beyond our control. 

Please Note:

  1. We are unable to accept third-party payments; all funds must come from a bank account in the same name as your Grinta-Invest account.
  2. We reserve the right to require proof from you at any time.
  3. We only process withdrawals back to the payment method you originally used for depositing.
    • If you use a Credit/Debit Card to deposit, we will always send the same total amount of withdrawals equal to your total deposits back to your card. Any remaining withdrawal amount which is above the deposited amount, could be processed via any other available payment method of your choice.
    • If you use a Credit / Debit Card and another method, e.g.: Bank Wire to deposit, your withdrawal will first be processed back to your Credit / Debit Card, and any remaining withdrawal amount will be sent back to the other method used
  4. If you use a Credit/Debit Card to deposit, we may require scanned colour copies of both sides of your card to combat fraud. Upon receiving our request and before sending any copies to us, please cover all digits, except the last 4 on the front side, and CVV code on the back side of your card for security purposes.




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